Trend Report

Hello fashionistas,

Check out my picks of the hottest fashion trends and stay stylish!

  1. The new denim in town: Flare Jeans

Goodbye skinny jeans! Looks like it’s over for you! So many stylish women such as Kate Moss, Karlie Kloss and many famous fashion bloggers have already embraced the flare style. Apparently they make you look extra lean and they are more flattering than our good old skinny jeans! Another interesting fact is that, they are very comfortable and would not hinder your blood circulation in the leg. (Recent case of a woman who collapsed after her blood supply was cut off to her legs due to her skinny tight denims, ouch!)


  1. More & more fringes

They are everywhere this season: on our bags, heels, jackets, dresses…And I’m loving it! I like the fun and edgy finish it gives to an outfit. What I love the most about this trend is that they move along with you as you walk: cool stuff those fringes! From cocktail dresses to gowns and street wear, fringes are swinging harder than ever.


  1. Ssssnake Print trend

The snake print trend has crawl its way back to our closet with its bold and edgy patterns which surely takes any outfit to the next level. Just as a versatile reptile, don’t be afraid to opt for the snake prints to add cool vibes to your outfit. It can be worn in the form of a blouse, bag, heels, boots, and skirt.


  1. Orange hues

Orange is surely the new black! Though it is not my favorite color, I’m kind of loving it for the time being. It has been trending on the runway and now as a street style. I like the glow which this fun color adds to some outfits. Don’t want to wear it all over? No problem! Opt for it through impactful details with your accessories, bag or shoes.


  1. The sleeveless long vest

Want an extra layer of warmth by staying as comfy as ever? The sleeveless long vest is here to make you feel this way. I’m looking forward to get one of these soon. They look so fresh, chic and modern. In addition to that, they can be worn over different styles. I am fond of these trends which can adapt to different styles. So these are definitely one of the must-haves of this season.


Comment below about your favorite trend!  <3

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