The Complete Guide for Women Fashion

The complete guide to women fashion

Fashion is about looking good and feeling good about yourself first before pleasing anyone else. If you are uncomfortable at the end, is the result really worth it? The eternal question is: how to look your best without giving the impression that you are forcing yourself to look fashionable? There are three basic questions that you need to answer before you can bring out the best in you:

  1. What is your Body Type?
  2. What fit would suit you best, according to the body type and the image you have in your mind?
  3. What color combinations do use?

The first one is the easiest to find. Natural body types have many varied forms. All of them can be denoted by popular fruits. And before you call one superior to another, know that each fruit has its own sweetness! You may like one over the other, but that does not make it inferior or superior. The fit you are supposed to wear will come with some basic learning and experience. Choosing colors comes down to preference. Check out the collection at END Clothing for some sensible fashion if you want to play it safe while dressing up.

Here is a detailed infographic which will help you with all three questions:

The Complete Guide For Women Fashion

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