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10 tips to look chic in high-waisted pants

10 tips to look chic in high-waisted pants + Giveaway Alert

It’s been quite some time since high-waisted pants is having its fashion moment. I absolutely love this trend though I admit that it took me some time to get used to it. That’s mainly because I’ve been wearing low waist pants and jeans for quite long and I was unsure to make the shift to high-waisted pants, fearing that it might look like dreaded mom …

Fashion Lover or Fashion Victim?

Fashion Lover or Fashion Victim

I’ve been really skeptical about flare pants since it became the new trend in town few months back. As much as I like to be fashionable, I’m also very fussy about which fashion trend to follow; because let’s face it, new trends pop up every now and then, and it’s impossible to follow all of them. The thing is, not all the trends suit everyone’s …