Summer Paradise

It was one of those days when I didn’t feel like wearing any make up; just grab the most comfy outfit and slip into my flip flop, hair in a simple pony tail and head on to the beach for a quiet afternoon! It was about 4.30pm and this is my favorite time to go to the beach: I call it the golden hour as the spot turns into sparkling shades of colors and gold as the sun goes down and prepares itself to set across the horizon! Nothing beats Nature at this point! It’s absolutely extraordinary!

I’m here writing this blog post as if I’m living these beautiful moments again and I believe that everyone should experience this as often as possible. There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than a quiet beach with only the waves sound, feeling the perfect little breeze on the face, standing over the water’s edge and looking over the ocean towards horizon. Meanwhile the sun goes down gradually as if it cannot resist the calm sea and prepares itself to take a dive too!

This left me with a spectacular view to which I could not take my eyes off! Yes, this is the golden hour where the colors are simply awesome: a mixture of purple, pink and yellow gold. The ideal artwork of Nature for sure! The sky seems combined with the calm sea to provide us with a magnificent postcard. No matter how many times I’ve seen it in my life until now, I just cannot get enough of it and I find myself craving for these moments every time I am away from the beach for a while. I made the most by strolling across the beach and having a great time swimming in the sea. The water was warm and the sand was as soft as velvet.

That day as I set out for the beach, I didn’t plan to blog about it (I took my camera especially to capture the awesome views). Well, I changed my mind after having spent these amazing moments and I thought to myself that I have to share these with you all. If you are a beach lover and nature lover like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about and how blissful it feels to be part of such wonders!

Enjoy the photos 🙂



IMG_3214IMG_3139IMG_3220Sparkling shades of colorsIMG_3230IMG_3224IMG_3212IMG_3234IMG_3269

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