Strong and bold as a Gladiator

If there is one shoe trend, which exists from the most ancient time, it is of course the gladiator sandals. The flat and leather lace up sandals used to be worn back in the Roman times by Roman gladiators for its durability, comfort and support. They were even buried afterwards along with their owners. Well, I wouldn’t mind that as well (lol), thinking about my nude gladiator heels from Europa Art Shoes South Africa! I am absolutely in love with its bold and sexy look.

Ever since designers like Chloe, Valentino and Alexander McQueen brought back the trend for spring 2015 collections, the statement making shoes have seduced many and continued being on top of the list of fashion trends. Most recently, for the spring 2016 collection, during Paris Fashion Week, the trend has been explored deeper by Kenzo who brought the gladiator sandals to another level with the interesting cuts and unique design. Giambattista Valli replaced the common lace-up with ladder strapping and the heels, covered in glitter, added a touch of glamour. While Elie Saab showcased the flat and lace up gladiators for the spring 2016 collection it is meant to stay for a while for sure!

As far as I am concerned, I love the way my nude gladiator heels wrap up my legs as a beautiful jewelry, leaving me feeling sexy and comfortable as well. It is essential to be comfortable in what you wear and though the gladiator heels might appear to be too much for some, they are totally comfy while wearing. When I first had them in front of me, I looked at them and wondered for a while whether they would be uncomfortable considering all the laces, straps and the knee high length. Even my sister looked at them with much astonishment and asked ‘Gosh, how do you wear these?’

On top of that, I chose the heels instead of flats as I love heels! To my surprise, once I wore them, adjusted the laces and walked a few rounds in the house, I was very much at ease with them and could not take my eyes off them. I wore them with my little black dress and gold accessories which made the whole look complete. The gladiators definitely add that touch of sexiness and boldness without being too much. I would even go further by saying they look elegant if combined with the right outfit and accessories. It’s just a question of styling them rightly so that they don’t overwhelm your outfit.

For those who do not like the knee-high gladiators, you can opt for more subtle ones which are of ankle length. They look great with simple minis, dresses and shorts. They can also be mixed with prints and patterns to add more dimensions. Your style can be feminine and sweet but if you want to be daring and eye-catching, wearing the gladiator sandals will do all the tasks for you. There is actually a pair to match everyone’s style. It’s up to you to find it!

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Outfit of the day

Outfit: Mango

Gladiator heels: Europa Art Shoes (South Africa)

Accessories: Reserve Naturelle

Make up: Joyce Lee

Enjoy these photos by Furhz Concept Photography!






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