Spring 2018 coolest trends that every fashion girl needs

Spring 2018 coolest trends that every fashion girl needs

So Spring is here girlies! I’m sure many of you must have your spring closet ready! It’s high time to put those extra warm coats and scarves at the back of your wardrobe. Get ready for the fashion moments of brighter colors, shorter dresses and cool sandals. Yay spring is back in town and time to make the most of it!

May be a little retouch of your closet is a good idea. What do you think? If you are getting lazy to go and find out about the spring trends which fashion girls are following right now; well, let me tell you that you absolutely don’t need to bother about that as I’ve already got you covered on this. Yes I did the research! 🙂  I’ve gathered the coolest trends of the moment especially for you in this blog post. I hope you like it! Try to get your hands on those goodies asap to rock this season as true fashionistas would do 😉 You go girl! xoxo

1. Puffy Sleeves – The more volume your sleeves have, the better!

2. Beaded Bag – They suit mostly every style!

3. Fruity tops & Dresses – Don’t just eat fruits, get them even on what you wear!

4. Rainbow straps – Just be colorful and play around with your looks!

5. Scrunchies – Back to the 90’s vibes! I couldn’t be happier!

6. Cowboy Boots – They’ve been in the spotlight at Coachella recently!

7. Lavender color – My favorite color for spring!

8. Mules – Fashionistas can’t resist this trend right now!

9. Seashells – Island girls’ favorite is now everyone’s favorite!

10. These Sunnies – Celebs are addicted!

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