Science proves that these fashionable items make you look more attractive

I think we should admit that we dress to impress! Whether it’s for a wedding, a job interview or trying to get a potential life partner’s attention, we all try to look our best to make the ideal impression. It really works most of the time, though personality plays a major role as well in the game. As far as I am concerned, dressing up has always brought me more confidence and hey confidence is sexy!

Sometimes, to play on the safe side, why not go with these scientifically proven fashion items which are known to make you look more appealing and as stylish as ever! I am sure you girls already have these fashionable pieces in your closet. Now you know what you have to do if you wanna get noticed 🙂 check out the list below!

  1. The ultimate fashion staple: HIGH HEELS

Heels are known to lengthen the legs and get you a nice silhouette by enhancing the butt, ahaan! I’m loving my heels more now! Science has proven that a woman wearing heels has higher chances of being approached.


  1. The color of passion: RED

Ladies, if you want heads to turn as you pass by, wearing red might do the task for you. According to science, red is a psychological hit with both men and women. Don’t forget the red lips for some extra effect!


  1. Everyone’s favorite: THE LBD

Studies has proven that both men and women associate the black color with sexiness, confidence and intelligence. Reason why, the little black dress remains a timeless trend! I just cannot get over it!


  1. Flaunt some skin: sexy NECKLINES

This one is a bit unexpected! Apparently cleavage is not the only thing which gets the attention. In a survey conducted by the University of New South Wales, men proved to be highly attracted to women’s shoulders and arms. Really unexpected, yes!


  1. Showing the curves: BODYCON DRESSES

Another study showed that an hourglass figure is very appealing. What’s better than a bodycon dress to show off your curves? The slimming pattern that go in at the waist gives that hourglass effect: sexiness at its best!

bodycon dress

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