I got my perfect Foundation!

MAC Pro longwear foundation & concealer review

Choosing the right foundation for my skin has often been a tedious task. It has always been too cakey, too sticky, too shiny or just not the right tone for my skin! Gosh, I have not always been very lucky with it until since two years, I started to use Kryolan foundation which was recommended by a beautician. It worked for my skin though I was still not fully satisfied with it. So I had to continue my quest for the right foundation and finally landed on the Mac pro Longwear foundation.

How I got my Mac Pro Longwear?

Luckily, I do not wear foundation every day since I take care of my skin and don’t require a full coverage daily: a tinted Avene sunscreen and some loose powder does the task for me, sometimes a little concealer under the eye, that’s it! On special occasions, I love to have a good coverage so as my make-up looks even and last longer. I discovered the Mac pro longwear while watching one of my favorite make-up artist’s video on youtube (I usually follow Desi Perkins, Carli Bybel, Kaushal Beauty, just to name a few of my favorite MUA on Youtube). So, Kaushal used the Mac pro longwear foundation and concealer and I could see how it was perfectly blended on her skin, looking absolutely flawless. Although I did try Studio Fix by Mac, I did not really liked it as I found that it was kind of sticky for my skin. Influenced by Kaushal, I got my Mac Pro Longwear in NC35 and concealer in NC20. And hey, here ends my quest! It was almost magic! It may sound exaggerated but I am totally in love with it since I started using it.

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Why I like it so much?

Well, I’m definitely no expert about make-up but I can surely make the difference between a perfect foundation and a not-so-great one! There are so many positive facts about the Mac pro Longwear which I personally experienced. The best thing I love is the matte finish which works best for my skin since I have oily to combination skin. It didn’t cause any break outs afterwards. It is fragrance free and light-weight cream formula. True to its name, ‘longwear’, it’s really long lasting. It can last the whole working day or the whole night while partying. What’s awesome again is that it’s waterproof which means no worries about the rain, sweat or humidity. Once it is set, nothing can move it! Since it’s currently summer here, with lots of humidity (which I hate), the Mac pro longwear is ideal to give that natural satin finish to my skin just when I need it. I guess the only downside is that it’s a bit pricy. But hey if we want quality, we got to pay the price, right? So, I think it’s really worth it!

The pro longwear concealer is no less!

Let’s come to the concealer now! I must admit that I’m quite addicted to concealers. I think they are very crucial to the make-up process, hiding away every little redness or breakouts and of course the alarming dark circles (Help!!). So I thought having the pro longwear foundation along with the pro longwear concealer would be a good thing. And yes, I was right! They work harmoniously together. I use the concealer in NC20 which is two tones lighter than the foundation. They really work well together and leave the skin looking totally flawless! It is a lightweight fluid concealer and doesn’t look cakey. The skin looks natural and smooth, just a satin matte finish! It’s pretty impressive and covers blemishes, redness and it doesn’t budge. I use my beauty blender to apply it to the areas I want. However, be careful while pressing the pump as it tends to release too much of the product (Not to waste it). Usually one pump is enough for me. Oh I skipped an essential information: the foundation contains antioxidants and skin reparative ingredients. The concealer is oil, talc, paraben free and can last up to 15 hours. Seriously? I mean what more can we ask for?




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