Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

For my last 2015 blog post, I wanted to write something inspirational. So I chose these photos along with this blogpost as this is what I love to do the most: being in nature, especially the beach! And of course adding up some style and fashion! I am not into the ‘New Year, new me’ kind of philosophy as we evolve every day and just jumping into another year does not mean you will change instantly. Change takes time and somebody said it right: Life is a learning process which ends only when we take our last breath.

My plan for 2016 is quite simple: It is to do more of what I love which will help me to reach my goals. I wish the same to you all. I’ve learnt that giving up is the worst thing one could do. If you can’t find opportunities out there in this world, create your own opportunity and pursue what you desire. Have faith and things will fall into place with some genuine efforts. In the end, a mind filled with positivity will lead you to the life you want. I firmly believe that the philosophy of the law of attraction is absolutely true. We attract what we feel and think. Therefore positive thinking is key!

I am very happy I created this blog to share my passion of writing. My aim is to help people feel better about themselves because we all face challenges and sometimes finding a way in life can be quite hard. But we need to keep moving forward! This is how it goes! Enjoy every moment and believe in what you do!

Thank you all deep from my heart for keeping up with my blog! Much love to you all!

Happy New Year 2016 


Natural pool

Natural pool



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