Getting back on track

Getting back on track

Is it just me or January seems to be a little rough with all the routines starting over again? Couldn’t we just go back to that festive mood? It’s the start of 2017 and to be honest, I’m actually feeling overwhelmed with everything I need to do. Getting back on track and knowing that there are so many expectations from you is kind of overwhelming. What I do during such moments is just keep going and try to take things less seriously, otherwise I’ll end up getting too stressed.

Well, I must admit that this year has started really well for me in every aspects of my life. Let’s see if things are going to work out as planned. As for the sudden loss of passion and inspiration, I have no choice than to work on it.

Here are some of the things I do to feel motivated again:

  • Focusing on the positive rather than the negative

It’s too easy to start thinking negatively when you’re not feeling motivated. The key is finding the positive aspects in everything you do. There is always a one or more positive side to everything; we just need to find it.

  • Getting back to a healthy lifestyle

After the holiday season, I’ve kind of lost motivation to keep up with my good habits of eating healthy and going to the gym. Though it is difficult, I’m doing my best to get back into that healthy lifestyle. I know that at the end of the day, it will be the best thing I can do for myself and it will leave me feeling great. Let’s get those endorphins moving!

  • Spending time alone

I love my space. I can be very outgoing when I’m among people but I have that introvert side of me which also craves to be alone in my own world. It’s like recharging myself after socializing too much. Just sitting on my couch with a good book is the best therapy I need sometimes.

  • Nature

Is there anything more soothing than nature? I can sit for hours and watch the sky or the sunset. Being in nature makes me the happiest girl. After spending time outside, away from all kinds of noise, I feel refreshed and ready to face the challenges.

  • Meditation

I’m not a great adept of meditation as you might be thinking but I usually feel the urge to close my eyes and push back all my thoughts for some moments of peace. It really works for me! It might last for only 5 to 10 minutes and it leaves me feeling re-energized after that.

  • Take it easy

I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel that I tend to take everything too seriously. Then I’m like: ‘wait, hold on, everything is fine, take it easy!’ I like to remind myself that it’s all fine and I just need to breathe and let go of everything that’s bothering me.

Thanks for reading lovelies!


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Getting back on track

Getting back on track

Getting back on track

Getting back on track

Getting back on track

Getting back on track

Getting back on track

Getting back on track

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