Earn your stripes!

I love those trends which never go out of fashion and stay as stylish as ever! Just like the little black dress, the stripe look is also an evergreen trend. It keeps coming back year after year and is undeniably a wardrobe staple. Surely one of the must-haves of every fashion girl. Like every true fashionistas, I have quite a few stripes in my closet too! Starting from simple shirts, t-shirts, miniskirts, dresses to my little bag. The list is a bit long and I can’t get enough of it!

My Pick

Recently I shopped this cute horizontal striped dress (the one in the photos) at Jennyfer, one of my favorite French brand, mainly for street style looks. This simple looking yet stylish and elegant striped dress caught my eyes at the first glance (I usually shop when I get a crush on an outfit). I got into the fitting room, tried it and it was perfect for my body shape. How could I not purchase it at this point? Girls, you know this feeling, right? Shopaholic as I am, I could not stop myself from buying it. I love how it instantly creates an effortless chic appeal, adding value to my body shape by not being too short or too long but just the ideal length. Not so revealing, I like how it shows off my shoulders with the off-shoulder cut which is a very subtle one.

How to choose your stripes?

Let’s get candid about the stripes now! Some say that it does not match all body shapes. It must be true as horizontal stripes are known to increase the silhouette while vertical stripes elongate the body. So be careful while choosing your stripes girls! As far as I am concerned, considering my size, I more often go for horizontal stripes. Cool stuff this trend as it can play tricks on the eyes! They are actually very flattering if you choose the right cut. The best thing about stripes, especially the black and white one, is that you can overdo it by adding colors to the look with your accessories, bag and heels. Well, if you don’t want to take the risk, just go with black and white to complete the look, playing it safe like I did with my black heels, silver accessories and the black classic little bag. Though a pop of color would have been great! (red, orange or even green for the bag).

Stripes are everywhere! It is here to stay and I am delighted about it! It has been one of the hottest trends on the spring summer 2015 runway with designers such as Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Dries Van Noten who took stripes to another level in a fun and electric way. Don’t forget that the trend comes in different colors which is very stylish! Up to you to choose your favorites, girlies! As far as I am concerned, my future stripes will be on a new swimming suit (which I’ve already spotted) and why not also a jumpsuit!

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Outfit of the day

Dress: Jennyfer

Heels: Aldo

Accessories: Reserve Naturelle

Bag: Jennyfer

Photography: Furhz’s Concept

Make up: Joyce Lee

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