Dare to bare with the crop top

The crop top is one of the trends which is a fashion history repetition and I feel delighted that it made its way back. It all started when Madonna rocked the cutoff version in the 80’s along with “Flashdance” which further popularized the trend. While talking about glamour and celebrities who brought the crop top in the foreground, we cannot forego talking about Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera who sported the look in their music videos. Those were the days when I was still a kid and all those looked very appealing to me back then.

I guess that’s the reason why I just love this trend: I grew up watching my favorite stars wearing these! I remember watching the iconic serial “Clueless” and Cher wearing the cropped sweater. Loved the way she was layering her looks with the crop tops. Sorry teenies of today, you might not get what I’m talking about! It’s about the 90’s people! I was in the childhood phase but I still remember how I felt inspired by clothing at that time though I didn’t really understand fashion.

Now that the trend is back and I’m all grown up, I can really have fun with it! It feels awesome! I already have a good amount of crop tops which I pair with mainly high-waisted pencil skirts, midi skirts, miniskirts, jeans or shorts. I must say that I feel very inspired by the way one of my favorite singing star, Taylor Swift, wears it. Taylor Swift’s girlie chic style is very close to my style though I also enjoy the crop top look of Kim Kardashian when she wears it skin tight, flaunting her curves with the pencil skirt.

Well, the crop top can indeed be worn in different ways depending on your style. And you don’t need to go the extra mile, baring your whole stomach if you don’t feel comfortable about it. There are different styles of crop versions without having to be too revealing.

Here’s a list of ways to style the crop top without showing much skin:

  • Wear it with high-waist loose baggy pants.
  • Opt for a voluminous bright colored midi skirt to draw more attention to the skirt rather than the crop top.
  • Wear long sleeves crop tops to bring some balance to the cutoff
  • Wear loose crop tops to feel more comfortable.
  • If you are shy to bare it all, opt for the crop top which is short in front and longer at the back.
  • Get a matching skirt with matching crop top look to be more elegant.
  • Pair it with denim overalls and only the sides of your stomach will show. (I love this one)
  • Use the crop top as a layer on a longer top for a cool relaxed look (can be a great way to use crops in winter)
  • Add a blazer to look more sophisticated.
  • Wear it with high-waist denim shorts in summer.
  • Wear the crop top under a sheer top.

Are you a fan of crop tops too? Comment below and let me know how you style your crop tops.





Outfit of the day

Crop top: Jennyfer

Skirt: Jennyfer

Bag: Jennyfer

Shoes: Berjaya Times Square mall (Malaysia)

Accessories: Reserve Naturelle

Make up: Joyce Lee

Photography: Furhz’s Concept

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