The Best Reasons to stop comparing yourself to others on Social Media

The best reasons to stop comparing yourself to others on social media

I would lie if I say that I never compared myself to others on social media. Let’s face it, it happens to almost everyone at some of time to get caught up in this alluring but draining act of comparing yourself to others. Damn, this can be really draining! It kills your self-confidence and leaves you feeling hopeless, thinking about how you are not good enough. Having such toxic behavior will only prevent you from being the best version of yourself.

I remember once comparing myself to the beautiful girls on Instagram whose lives look all put together through their pictures! They look absolutely perfect and seem to be enjoying every bit of their lives. But then I thought to myself, ‘oh wait a second, may be even my Instagram gives the same impression to others’. That’s the thing, SOCIAL MEDIA! Everyone is out there posting the perfect moments of their lives while in real life, it is not as easy as it seems. You may have seen me post photos on Facebook or Instagram where I’m looking my best, happy and smiling. These moments totally exist and are awesome. I remain grateful for these times.

However, there are also lots of meltdown days which I wouldn’t show on my social networks. Things I don’t post: days when I don’t even feel like waking up because I feel depressed or personal relationship struggles. Why I don’t post them? Because that would be kind of weird and these are not moments I want to focus on in my life. Somehow that’s the way it works on social media, especially when it’s part of your job. Everyone wants to maintain that positive image, showing you only the happy moments and highlights of their lives.

As a blogger and freelance digital marketing specialist for different companies, I have the responsibility to maintain a positive image of the brands for which I work. It’s all about brand image on social media and it’s just part of the marketing strategy to attract customers. There’s nothing wrong with that; people do it to earn a living. It’s just like any other job you would do to earn an income. Well, let’s not be negative about it since I’m sure you also enjoy looking at the nice photographs. It’s somehow entertaining and might as well give you inspiration. And of course, we should not forget that there is actually a lot of works that goes on behind-the-scene to create such photographs or videos.

I believe it’s up to people to realize that it’s not worth your time comparing yourself to others based on inaccurate information from social networks. Let me take my own example: as I mentioned before, my life is not a bed of roses, neither is it a bed of thorns. It’s probably somewhere in between! It happens that I struggle with multiples things and some situation might leave me feeling desperate and sad. But most people won’t bring up their problem on social media right? And everybody has their own issues, so no one will bother about your problems anyway. So the thing is, most often, you won’t see what’s behind those pretty pictures. Hence, it’s not worth losing your time thinking that others’ lives are more interesting than yours.

Remember that social media is a reel of highlights of people’s lives. They’re the moments we enjoy sharing with others and projections of who we are as well as who we wish to be. It can be connecting, but it can also be isolating. Especially, when we use comparison as a measuring stick of how our lives, relationships and jobs should look. Hence, please remember to love yourself! Remind yourself that you are enough and you are doing the best you can in your life. You don’t need these illogical comparisons with total strangers on social media. They have their lives, their dreams and their struggles. And you have yours too! So keep going and never give up no matter what!

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