Best Beauty Hacks which I tried & they really worked!

I tried it, I nailed it and now I wanna share these beauty hacks with you all. They are really worth it, girls! Have a look at these 10 beauty hacks which might come in handy in various situations.

  1. Lighten a darker foundation

If you have bought a foundation that’s too dark for your skin tone, mix it up with a little bit of moisturizer to lighten it. Problem solved!


  1. Quick Smoky eyes

Draw a hashtag on the outer corner of your eyes with your kohl pencil and smudge it for a quick smoky look.

smoky eye

  1. Reduce puffy eyes

Woke up with puffiness under your eyes, place two cold tea bags on the area for 5 to 6 minutes and it will reduce the puffy eyes.


  1. Make your eyeshadow pop

Cover your eyelids with white eyeliner as a neutral base to make your eyeshadow really pop.


  1. Kohl to gel liner effect

Hold your kohl eye pencil under the flame of a lighter for a few seconds and let it cool to have a gel liner effect.


  1. Quick fix for oily hair

Greasy hair? Apply some baby powder to your hair to reduce the intensity of the oily hair.


  1. Create a straight part

Use the back end of a hair comb to create a straight part hair.


  1. Cover dark circles

Cover dark circles around your eyes by applying concealer in a triangle shape.


  1. Make your mascara last longer

If your mascara has become clumpy and flaky, add a drop of contact solution to make it last. (However, if you have it for more than 3 months, better toss it as you don’t wanna end up with an eye infection.)


  1. Fix your bobby pins in the hair once for all

Spray your bobby pins with hairspray before putting them to avoid fixing your hair all day long.


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