Beach Lover

Beach lover

In my mind, I’m totally a free-spirited girl who paves her way through life, taking risks, going on impromptu trips and discover the manifold opportunities that the universe can offer! I usually envision myself as the kind of girl who can make it through the weekend with a weekender bag and head for a beach trip along the coast line with my bikinis and SPF for an amazing time! All these are enticing as I’m a true lover of Nature! I would not mind going on a solo backpacking expedition to explore the wonders of the flora and fauna as well as different cultures around the world.

Yet, my day-to-day reality is far from those beautiful daydreams as I have other stuffs to manage like almost everybody out there! Nevertheless, all these don’t prevent me from planning beach trips on every occasion that comes across! I always need the nature detox from time to time so as to calm down my hyperactive mind. A day well-spent at the beach leads me to a good night sleep. No joke, it’s really that soothing to me!

Here are some tips to make a day at the beach worthwhile. Sure, it is always worthwhile to be at the beach but still I’d like to share some of my ways of making the most of this magical environment.

  1. Wear comfy clothes: Usually I go for denim shorts and top! Sometimes cotton dresses with my bikini inside. My all-time favorite color for the beach is white! I love how it suits the blue shades of the ocean! Slippers of course is the best option for happy feet on the white sand.
  1. Don’t forget the SPF: It’s no news that the sun can have devastating effects on the skin. UVB is responsible for sunburns while UVA causes long term skin problems such as wrinkles and premature aging. Choosing the SPF (Sun protection factor) depends on how long you are likely be exposed to the sun. So better go for SPF 50 while at the beach in the scorching sun.
  1. Go for a long walk: I swear you will not regret this one though it can be tiring! One of my preferred things to do at beach is just go for a stroll bare feet on the sandy and smooth ground. It is very relaxing and a therapy in itself. I love leaving my footprints along the shore and allow the water to stream between my toes as I walk by. It’s a wonderful feeling!
  1. Enjoy the sunset: No wonder the most beautiful sunset is by the beach. Watching the sun going down the horizon is magnificent: a real art work of nature as I usually say. Just sitting down and contemplating its beauty is pure bliss to the eyes! It’s soothing and I can’t deny that at the moment, there is nothing else going through my mind and I’m completely in the ‘now’.
  2. Go for a swim at dusk: Honestly, I never get enough swimming at that time of the day! The twilight offers a breathtaking view and the sea turns literally gold. The colors are stunning! Words are not enough to describe how lovely it is! Swimming at that time is ideal and if you have a good camera with flash, you can have amazing photos (The proof below).
  1. Lie down and enjoy the stars: As the night falls across the beach, the number of stars in the sky is incredible. Far away from the lights of the cities, the stars are very apparent. Taking the time to lie down on the sand and watch the scenery is awe-inspiring. If you haven’t done that until now, you should really try it! Your eyes would thank you for that!

I hope you liked this article! I’d love to read your comments if you did! Enjoy the photos below. 

Beach lover

Beach lover

Beach lover

Sparkling shades of colors

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