5 Tips to look Great in Photos

5 tips to look great in photos

All of us have experience that awful moment of looking terrible in photos at some point of time. Especially during the festive season when everyone is taking photos all around and it’s inevitable not to be photographed. What’s worst is when you are photographed side to side with your incredibly photogenic friend who is glowing in the photo while you are looking pale and grinning uncomfortably. Oh this can be very frustrating! Anyway, let’s try and get more positive about all this now! Over time I’ve learnt some tips to look better in pictures and I thought that it would be cool to share those tips with you as well. Hope you like this post 🙂

Get to know which side of your face looks better

Most of us normally don’t have a perfectly symmetrical face. Sometimes the left side of your face might look better than the right side. This is actually the case for me! If you look closely to my photos, most of the times, I try to show more of the left side. The only way to know this is to take several photos and determine which side looks more attractive.

Perfect Lighting is the key

This is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when taking a picture. You should stand in a spot where you can get perfect lighting. Take the photo facing the light. For example: if there is a window in front of you, don’t turn you back towards the window but instead face the light coming from there. That would make an amazing photo. Lighting helps to reflect the glow on your face!

Find out your best angle

I’m sure you don’t want to see a double chin in your photo! You certainly know that taking pictures from certain angles can highlight imperfections. I usually hate taking photos from a downward angle. It’s not the most flattering for me (and for everybody else as well I supposed)! Knowing your best angle works best for selfies. It is better to hold your phone slightly above your face to make it look slimmer in pictures. And if you are taking a group selfie, better stand in the middle to avoid the impression of having a larger face.

Know how to position yourself

Sometimes when I’m asked to casually pose for a picture, I get confused about how to stand. Then after having had a bunch of photos where I looked terrible in the past, I understood that the way you position yourself plays a big role. Make sure your shoulders are pushed backwards and try to stand in a tilted position to look slimmer. You can also very slightly raise your chin to place more emphasis on your face. You may also make poses and use your hands so as not to look like a statue.

Smile with the eyes

You already know how the saying goes: “A smile is the best accessory you can wear”. It is true but it all depends about the way you smile. If it is a fake one, it will definitely appear awkward in the picture and you don’t want this. I know sometimes it’s hard not to fake a smile just for the sake of a photo. To prevent it from looking fake, you can think of something that makes you genuinely happy when you are about to pose for a shot or just try to smile with the eyes while you are at it.

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